These are working drafts of your personal mission statements. If and as these change or evolve they can be revised.

Mansoor:                                                                                                                                            To clarify and simplify the nonlinear perception of living universe concept including it’s universal multidisciplinary applications. Then, communicate it to individuals and organizations to whose mission the concept would be complementary and share an intimate threshold of understanding. Further, to define our common goals and desires in collaboration with like-minded colleagues and create a nonlinear network relationship to manifest them.

We don’t know why the creative and efficient living universe has managed to connect us at this period of time. But we do know that we can organize ourselves based on the behavioral patterns of a nonlinear living network and define common goals consistent with the Living Universe’s design (to the best of our current knowledge), and our most patient inner callings (our mission statements). In this way, since we are in sync with Living Universe, not only will our immediate network be creative, efficient and productive, so will the Living Universe provide all kind of signals to assure us that we are on the right path. When we synchronize our assets (visions, talents, expertise, and connections) cooperatively in order to achieve our long-term common goals, we are fulfilling at once the core desires of the universe, our community, and each one of us as individuals (win- win situation for all).

Followings is my personal contribution to the above process:

  • What is the desire of universe?

I think universe and living planet have evolved into a cognitive information processing system so sophisticated as to become self-aware, gaining knowledge of how living systems behave. This process of self-awareness developed out of linear logic and human self-awareness (and the accompanying sense of separation) into our current model of nonlinear theories in digital era. The desire of universe is to guide us toward harmonizing our visions, actions and imagination in alignment with living universe.

  • What is my personal inner calling?

Aligning back with living universe requires major shifts and rapid changes in the ways we conduct our personal and social activities; however, our linear logic has conditioned in us a negative perception of changes and unpredictability. My personal desire is to come up with peaceful, hopeful and positive solutions to make this shift as constructive and peaceful as possible.

Gail:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To experience and explore our understanding of love by responding to the guidance given through waking visions, words or phrases, synchronicities, deeply felt emotions, meditation…as these deliver a point of focus, then in a meditative state, allow an exploration or sharing of wisdom to come through in the form of poetry or prose. To share theses writings with others. To have fun with our growing awareness and developing senses. To be in service to the Greatest Love of All.

To assist the evolution of humanity through the use of words and energy to spark/catalyze the creativity, passion, multidimensional self-awareness and inner knowing of youth and their adults and support the expression of their greatest possibilities in a context of global oneness.

Mulitgenerational creativity groups will generate a safe space for exploration of inner capacities and our interconnectedness with one another, earth, our community, the global community and intuitive support. Including youth and their significant adults fosters mutual support and learning, and enhances the possibility for supportive environments to be continued beyond the sessions. Targeted individual work may be accessed for specific issues, and smaller groups of youth focused on shared interests may organically emerge. People with mastery in various fields of endeavor will be recruited to teach/mentor youth in those fields.

Benefactors will provide scholarships to enable talented youth to pursue their fields of interest and contribution to humanity.

Community service projects will be co-created based on connecting gifts with needs.

Global connections between youth groups and involvement in global events and the Global Coherence Initiative will foster the sense of Oneness with all.

A developmental series of classes to balance and transform clients’ energy fields, body/consciousness communication, life habits and structure, belief systems, spiritual nurturing and evolutionary expression will be created and offered.

A book(s) to those who are feeling the stirrings of awakening and have not had the benefit of all of my exploration and understanding and transforming and now transmuting will be written. A monthly blog offers tidbits from interdimensional guidance to ponder and discuss.

Weekend or full week events/workshops focused on conscious evolution individually and of the noosphere through group intention will be coordinated through SPARK. Local and national/international leaders in their respective fields will offer training, discussion, and co-creation of solutions to advance humanity and the planet. Local gatherings coordinated with global evolutionary events will be offered on a pay-what-you-like basis.

Larry:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      To assist individuals to raise their consciousness through art that evokes an emotional response and initiates an internal dialogue and spiritual quest, thereby making a global difference.


To launch and grow a conversation on our unique capacity for meaning-making, including the fact that a defining characteristic of our individual meaning systems is our relationship with Power. Our understanding of Power shapes the arc of our individuals lives and what we allow ourselves to contribute, and on a larger scale, shapes how Power is distributed in our society and determines our footprint and evolution. Our willingness and capacity to make a difference grows with our recognition of our connection to source and inner power.I am also interested in growing awareness that the concept of meaning systems is a neutral and flexible way of thinking/talking about large patterns of attentional and intentional energy that have very real impacts in the world. By becoming conscious of our own unique meaning systems, of the legitimacy and uniqueness of others’ meaning systems, and the potential for greater comprehension through the coalescing of the intelligence within them, we can both seed perspective and greater resilience and creativity.
                Ellen:                                                                                                                                               Some Goals for My Year of Mentorship and Collaboratory Draft 1.
What is it that I want to do, learn, create, and become in the company of this Fellowship of the Future?
                                                                                                                                                                I intend:

  • to fulfill my purpose and my responsibilities to beloved humanity.
  • to willingly continue to undergo in my own life and consciousness whatever purifications, healings, initiations, and transformations are necessary so that I can embody – become – Whole-Centered Consciousness, for the sake of our world …
  • to build on my own continuing personal transformation and, simultaneously, envisioning new pathways and possibilities for the future of humanity and co-create with others a faithful collective in which to explore the mystery and potentiality of collective Whole-Centered Consciousness – of life lived beyond captivity in autonomous self-defended self-preoccupation, in Communion.
  • to see, understand, and realize relationship – Communion – as my soul’s native vehicle for contribution to the future
  • to devote my vital energies to the exploration, the awakening, and the evolution – beyond idea and into practice –of the Adam Kadmon, the Body of Christ, the One Body, Heart, ad Mind we share, for the sake of the world.
  • to serve in Communion, from within the Love-Between-Us, as a midwife of a mass awakening of Divine Care and Creativity– and celebrate and uphold its manifestation in ways that far surpass my imaginings.
  • to see and affirm Love, Light, Joy, evolutionary faith, acceptance, respect, forgiveness, humanity, divinity – everywhere I look. I want to create and express these things – in this body, in this life – come what may.
  • to bring forth ever greater, truer levels of care from my own being, as a servant of the new world we long to create together.
  • to see, deeply honor, uphold, and bless the God-bestowed yearning that is within each of us for real intimacy, connection, community, and belonging.
  • to learn to unfailingly see beyond appearances, and to radically defuse hatred and dissolve ignorance – to unfailingly shine forth Healing Light.to fix my gaze on visions of a beautiful and life-affirming future so that deep in my imaginal being I experience this new life.to show up fully in community – fully present, faithful, resilient, secure, powerful, joyful, free.