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Barbara Marx Hubbard, Larry Delf, Gail Pettinger:    7 S Words

7 S Words

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Evolutionary Synthesis

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Guiding Principles to Establish and Sustain Resonance

Mansoor Vakili: Mathematic Applications of non-linear theories

Mansoor Vakili: The nonlinear theory of the living universe

Kathryn: Conscious Evolution 101

Kathryn: Conscious Evolution 201

Kathryn: CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION 401-Imaginal Cells

Gail Pettinger: Experiencing Sight

Gail Pettinger: Our 2020 Vision

Gail Pettinger: Gail Poems

Ellen Woods: Pondering the Mystery of the Paradigm Flip

Ellen Woods: Becoming a Unique Self Symphony

Ellen Woods: Speaking the Seven Spirits of God as One Body

Ellen Woods: Creating a Trustworthy Community 

Larry Delf: Work-in-Progress (for feedback)


Germaine Watts: