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Personal mentoring with Barbara Marx Hubbard is an unprecedented opportunity to enter a life giving process to help bring forth the evolving human within you and in the world. I am once again offering a personal Evolutionary Leadership Mentoring Program. It is designed for pioneers, men and women who are crossing the threshold to their own Full Potential Self, as co-creators of the emerging world.

In undertaking this Evolutionary Leaders Mentoring Program I am offering this opportunity for deep personal communion, communication and counseling by an elder of the new. At 86, I realize I am emerging as a member of our evolving species. I can offer all my own life experience on your behalf. I have learned to attune to the source of creativity in people and to bring it forth by seeing it fully in the field of resonance and recognition. Our time together will be precious.

I am culling the vital wisdom from all my years of teaching, of personal and social evolution, my life’s journey from the housewife with five children through the actual steps in my own transition through the political, social, spiritual, scientific growing edge to become an evolutionary woman, a co-creator, among millions of others arising now throughout the world, still separated, and not fully self-identified and self aware.

We will explore together the emerging characteristics of the Evolutionary Personality, the new archetypes of our time:

The Feminine and the Masculine Co-Creator.

“Because of the time-intensive nature of this undertaking, I can only accept a maximum of ten individuals for my one-on-one personal mentoring program. This is a highly unique opportunity.

See below for what my students have to say about their mentoring experience.

With love and blessings…

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The mentoring experience:

“Barbara Marx Hubbard is one who has discovered the power of being your truth. Her ability to envision and then make the decision to embody and transcend is living proof.

A series of amazing synchronicities arrived the opportunity to mentor with Barbara and the experience has been transformational. Her greatest gift as a mentor is to take you into a resonant field, then together explore where you are. There is a surprising and deeply bonding element of reciprocity as Barbara also seeks your opinion and advice on her own challenges. Her very direct questioning often exposes or brings thru surprising results. The sky’s the limit? No, accessing the divine, the multi-dimensional potential is limitless, infinite. The language is love, the intention is to serve, the action is to co-create, the results are unfolding as together, in heightened awareness, we construct a new way of living.

The co-mentees (truly co-mentors) became another treasure chest for deep exploration with diverse backgrounds and gifts to share. You will know if this opportunity is calling you and the opportunity that Barbara is offering will blossom into form from whatever deep desire you have to contribute to the emergence of a new humanity.”
Shared with love and gratitude,
GP Canada

“I have been exceptionally fortunate in my life to have had numerous chart-topping, life-altering experiences including a NDE, a visitation from light bodies, remote viewing, and many, many other exceptional things. Through synchronicity I was drawn to Barbara’s Evolutionary Mentoring Program.

In my view I believe Barbara is very important to the planet, literally, and is a truly remarkable person. The mentoring program took me to very deep levels with connections that were Essence to Essence or Soul to Soul, and were incredibly moving, and powerful for both of us. This has led my to new insights and personal growth at a whole new level.”
LD, Canada

“When I received the notice that Barbara was offering a mentoring program I was at a crossroads in my life, knowing that I was to leave my career of over three decades and embrace a larger role in assisting humanity. I did not know how or what, but I knew I was to work with Barbara to find out—and have I ever! Yes, Barbara’s many decades of following her vision despite seeming setbacks and lack of support and her generously shared connections with the leaders of conscious evolution world-wide are invaluable, but even more important is her ability to enter her Universal Self and stimulate my Universal Self so that together I am able to move into my greatest possibilities. My life is almost unrecognizable from where I was six months ago when I started the program. I am new, my work is new, my evolutionary family is new and I awake each morning excited for what is coming next. Thank you Barbara.”
KB, California




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